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Commission FAQ

Things You Should Know

I take, on average, an hour to three hours for ficlets, while averaging 1k Words per day for stories.

I create quality work, so with higher quality product comes a higher price. I also pride myself on making each piece I do for my clients unique & theirs.

I rarely charge more than the base price for NSFW, but below is a sample of where a higher price would come into effect.


At the end of the day, if you're unsure if your ideas would elicit a higher price, you're welcome to discuss with me before committing to a commission.

I'm sorry, but once you have paid, I do not refund it. I will work with you to fix anything you're not happy with, but please note: After a certain amount of changes - normally three - I start charging 10 USD per additional one.

It entails reading the entirety of a character's wikipedia page, as well as any other information relevant to the story.

I want to be able to showcase all of my commissions so future clients will be able to see the kind of stories I can write for them. If your piece is private, it is meant for your eyes only; I cannot post it to any of my portfolios.

I am more than willing to work with my customers if they have a strict budget.

As soon as I'm paid, I always start work on your story. This is the main reason I do not offer refunds once full payment as been sent.

Google Documents, because the nice thing about it is you can catch me writing live!

This is because these stories take much more time and effort to write, and I do not want clients waiting months for their commission.

At this current time, anything I write for you is personal use only. I retain the rights as the original author of the story. In the future, I may offer these services, but not right now.

You're more than welcome to post it on sites such as - my name there is sakuyan.

You cannot post to sites such as DeviantArt, FanFiction, and FictionPress, as I tend to post to those sites myself. You can share them on your sites using my links.

If you have any further questions regarding your rights, please contact me.

If you have any further questions after reading the entirety of this FAQ, please reach out to me.

This FAQ can be edited at any time.