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This is the first time in decades he’s failed.


Rain patters against the window as Haru looks out. Emotions roll through him like a tsunami. What… what went wrong? Why didn’t his magic work?


Tears prick at the corner of his eyes. The weather is a perfect deception of his inner turmoil. He was so young… a mere four years of age. It should have been a simple task to save him.


So why didn’t it work, damn it?!


A shaken sigh drips from Haru’s lips as he bangs his fist against the wall. He did what he always does to save someone from the brink. So why, why, why, did it fail?




The voice of his mate washes over him like a warm duvet. Haru turns, looking upon those intense gold eyes. “...What?” he mutters, looking away. He doesn’t want to see the pity in Kuro’s eyes. He can’t.


“It wasn’t your fault.”


“How wasn’t it?!” Haru exclaims, turning on Kuro and grasping his shirt. “I did everything right, Kuro! I don’t understand why it failed!”


Kuro exhales a breath before clutching at Haru’s shoulders. “The boy might have been cursed. His illness could have been too far gone. There are many reasons why your magic did not work.”


“This… this is the first time it hasn’t worked in over fifty years,” Haru whispers, resting his head against Kuro’s broad chest. “I could save anyone else. Why did a human so young have to perish?”


Tears drip down his cheeks as Haru clings to Kuro, sobs bursting from his throat. “Why, Kuro…?”


Kuro says nothing. He wraps his arms around his mate, and if Haru looked at him, he could see the anger simmering in Kuro’s golden orbs. “You cannot blame yourself,” is all the demon says in reply. His hands tighten around the kitsune. “There are always those who are beyond saving.”


“But… four years old? What did he do to deserve to die?


“That is something you will never know the answer to.”


Haru clasps almost desperately to Kuro as he cries, and the growls rumbling from his mate’s chest surprise him. He looks up, heterochromatic eyes wide as he sees the pure fury on Kuro’s face. “Kuro…?” Haru questions, reaching up to dust his fingers over Kuro’s cheeks. “Why are you so upset? I thought that was my job…”


“I hate seeing you so sad over something beyond your control,” Kuro mutters, holding onto him even tighter. “What happened is not your fault. I know it is hard, but you must move on, and continue to be the vibrant soul I love so much.”


Haru cheeks darken, and a gentle laugh leaves him. “I should have known. You reacted this way all those years ago too.”


Kuro looks outside, and Haru swears he sees a blush stain his face. “Yes, well, when your mate is upset, it naturally upsets the other party as well.”


Haru smiles softly, cuddling closer to Kuro, wrapping slim arms around his broad frame. “That’s why I love you so much,” he murmurs, closing his eyes in contentment. “I don’t know where I’d be without you, Kuro.”


“You never have to worry about that,” Kuro replies easily, pressing a kiss to his mate’s hair. “I will always be by your side.”


Haru nods, the sound of the rain luring his mind to rest.


Before he drifts off, he feels Kuro’s arms become stronger around him, and a whisper in his ear.


“I will always protect you.”

Another exclusive! This is based on a commission I received from a friend of mine. You can find it on my Twitter under xSakuyanx!

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