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    The battlefield is amass of oranges and reds from flames licking at buildings. This town, once so lively, is nothing more than a smoldering ruin. Leomaris surveys the damage as he runs through the devastated area. There’s no telling when another possessed draconis will show up. Every second is precious.


    Leomaris’ sharp hearing picks up the sound of footsteps not far off. Extending his claws, the dragon warrior takes his battle position and waits for the evil to show themselves. It doesn’t take long. The possessed warriors of their once proud kingdom burst through the flames, eyes encased in black and crimson blood dribbling down their cheeks.


    Leomaris raises his claws and howls. Charging at the possessed draconis, he makes short work of them. The warriors gained extreme power when they offered their soul to the Dark God, yet in return they became slow and less mobile. It’s easy for a draconis to take out the possessed ones.


    For anyone not a draconis, the possessed warriors meant instant death. Mortals and demons were their targets. Mortals if they wanted a quick kill, demons if they craved their blood. Demon blood, to those possessed, is like a fine wine and they crave it on a regular basis.


    Leomaris runs a hand through his smoky red tresses. The town is destroyed; no hope of being rebuilt at all. The mortals and demons who lived here, well, their bodies are scattered throughout like trophies to the possessed draconis. A heavy sigh leaves Leomaris’ lips. He has to tell their Queen of the new developments, but it’s not something he looks forward to.


    Saying a quick prayer for those fallen, Leomaris extends his wings and takes to the skies.

The first of exclusive writings! This is a little snippet featuring one of the characters from a novel I'm working on currently. Hope you enjoyed!

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