A table with books of literature for sale.

Ivo has a little obsession. Well, if anyone asks him about it, he claims it’s something small. But to any sane person, they would know his obsession has taken over every part of his life.

What exactly is Ivo’s obsession? It’s a big time rock band, Beherit.

Or rather, it’s the lead singer of said band.

Ivo has posters of Cresil splattered all over his walls. He’s bought every Blu-Ray of his interviews. He bought every single album Beherit put out, no matter how expensive. And he has every piece of merchandise the band has put out.

But it’s just a minor obsession, Ivo claims. 

He’s been to almost every concert Beherit has done, and if he couldn’t go, he would watch the livestream of the performance they put out. He’s spent a crazy amount of money on the band and people would guess he could have funded them just by himself.

But it’s just a minor obsession.

Ivo sits in front of his television, literal hearts in his eyes as he watches Cresil’s movements and passionate vocals. The things I would do to him, Ivo thinks, a smirk curling his lip. He would give anything if he could even meet the black haired man. But until that happens - not that Ivo figures it would ever in the first place - he’ll just have to do with admiring him from afar.

His phone vibrates, and Ivo arches an eyebrow, plucking it from nearby and reading the text.

“I got VIP tickets to Beherit’s next concert! You’re gonna meet Cresil, dude!”

Ivo blinks once. Twice. Three times, before he whoops in excitement. He could practically kiss Reisz’s feet right now. He types a response before grinning, tongue in cheek, as he runs his fingers across the screen.

“I’ll make sure you never forget me~” Ivo says with a leer, eyes twinkling.


Cresil sighs, running a hand through his hair. Keeping up the glamor of being human gets annoying, but Beherit gets him good money, so he’ll keep up the persona, even if he has to deal with annoying fangirls.

“Yo, what’s on your mind?” Verin asks, throwing an arm around his brother’s shoulders. “Dreading our next VIP event?”

“..Yes,” Cresil mutters, rolling his eyes. “Why do we have to do these things? Can’t we just perform and leave it at that?”

“VIP tickets sell for big bucks, bro. Just pretend to smile and take pictures with them, and then do one of those stupid cleanses you love. It’ll be fine!”

Cresil lowers a glare at Verin, grinding his teeth. “I still don’t know how you convinced me to be the lead singer for your little charade.”

“You do it because you love me,” Verin says with a smirk. “Who knows, one of our fans might catch your eye... though I admit your standards are high as fuck.”

“...My standards are not ‘high as fuck’,” Cresil mutters, narrowing his eyes at his pain in the ass, annoying brother. “I just want to ensure I don’t waste my time with the wrong person.”

“Aw, but fucking is so much fun!”

“To you.”

“To most. You’re just weird.”

Cresil bites back a snide remark and sighs (again). “Believe it or not, there are people in the world who don’t want to deal with clingy idiots after you’ve fucked them once or twice.”

“If that happens, I just fuck ‘em until they forget being clingy,” Verin comments offhandedly, snickering. “Or do you just suck at sex? Is that why you don’t want to bang your fans?! That’s--”

“Don’t put words in my mouth, Verin.”

“Why else wouldn’t you want to fuck people who throw themselves at your feet?”


“Who cares about standards when you have hundreds and thousands of people who would do anything to taste your dick?”

Cresil’s eyebrow twitches. “I don’t want to fuck random people and give them hope.”

“Oh yeah, you’re nice. I totally forgot you care about people’s feelings.”

“...Normal people do.”

Verin laughs, eyes glinting. “It’s my way of being nice - they get to taste my cock. I guess they can imagine it’s yours, since we are brothers...”


“Hey, you haven’t even seen my dick, don’t call it disgusting!”

Cresil’s other eyebrow twitches. “I do not want to see your penis, Verin.”

“I wouldn’t show you anyway... or I might...”

A vein pops on Cresil’s forehead as a suffering sigh drips from his lips. “Again, I do not want to see your nether regions.”

“Aw, shame,” Verin says with snark, sticking his tongue out. Cresil shudders at the tongue piercing lingering there. While he has his own set of piercings, he couldn’t imagine having his tongue or penis done, like Verin has. 

“Why in the world did you get your tongue pierced again?”

 “It adds to a woman’s - or man’s, I don’t judge - pleasure when I go down on them.” Verin smirks. 



Cresil runs his tongue over his shark-bite piercings, then runs his fingers over the multiple piercings on his ears. He also has his eyebrow done as well as his belly button. He has thought of getting more, but hadn’t decided on what one he wanted next. He was seriously debating his septum. 

“Anyway, let’s rehearse, shall we?”

Cresil nods, thankful to get away from this conversation. He absolutely was not looking forward to the VIP event after their latest show, though...


Ivo looks at himself in the mirror once, twice, three, and finally a fourth time, smoothing the fabric of his shirt. He wanted to stand out. He wanted Cresil to notice him. So he went through his clothes at least ten times, trying to find his most exuberant outfit. Eventually he settled on his most gothic one, having a gut feeling Cresil had a thing for goth boys. 

Why he had that feeling all of a sudden, he’s not sure, but he went with it. His gut never led him astray. Reisz would be picking him up in about ten minutes, so fluffing his hair a final time and putting in the last of his earrings, then his medusa and nose studs, Ivo walks downstairs, flashing a smile at his parents.

“Hey Mom, hey Dad. I’ll probably be home late tonight.”

Elizabeth looks at her son, rolling her eyes. “You haven’t dressed like that in a while.”

“Come now dear, let the man dress however he likes,” Issac chastises, tousling his wife’s hair. “Are you excited to meet the object of your affections, son?”

“You bet your ass I am! I have to stand out and this is the best way I thought I could.”

“You’re definitely standing out,” Elizabeth mutters, but a smile lingers on her features. “Do you have your keys?”

“Yes mother,” Ivo says with a heavy eye roll. “I won’t lock myself out.”

“You’ve done it more than once--”

A honk blares from outside, and Ivo grins, waving his parent’s concern away. “I won’t this time. See you later!”

Kissing his mother’s cheek and clapping his father on the shoulder, Ivo bounds outside, smirking at the attire Reisz adorns. It looks like he had the same idea he did. “Don’t you look hot as fuck~” his friend says with a whistle. “Really wanna impress Cresil, huh?”

“What do you think, dumbass?” Ivo throws back, hopping in the car. “I ain’t gonna blow this chance.”

“Oh, you definitely won’t. Try to keep the girls and guys off you.”

“Hah! I’ll try.” The smirk widens on his lips. “Let’s get going, eh?”

“You bet! You’ll blow his mind.”

“I wanna blow something else--”

“Okay gross.”


Cresil gets things set up, casting a gaze on the people who already gathered. His blood simmers, a feeling he got at a few concerts before, but doesn’t think much on it. He knows it’s not nerves or anxiety, so he figures it’s just this weird phenomenon he won’t ever understand.

“You feel it too?” Verin asks, leaning in Cresil’s personal space. Cresil leans back, glaring at Verin. “Mom and Dad spoke of it. It’s like our mates are here.”

“How are we supposed to find them in a crowd of over a thousand people?” Cresil deadpans, gritting his teeth. “Let’s just chop it up to an impossible dream.”

“Maybe one day they’ll pay for VIP access and we’ll meet them through that,” Verin tosses back, grinning at his older sibling. “Don’t be so pessimistic, bro! If they really are our mates, we’ll meet them one day.”

“Hm.” Cresil gets up from his crouch, flashing his fangs at Verin. They could still retain their demon forms until they went out on stage, so that’s what they do. Pretending to be human for too long is draining. “I suppose.”

Moros and Tilain bound towards the brothers, matching grins on their faces. “You’ll meet your mates today!” Moros chirps.

“Yes, you will,” Tilain utters in a calmer tone. “Trust your familiars.”

“You guys never led us astray before,” Verin comments, shrugging and throwing his arm around Cresil’s shoulders. “What do you say, big bro? Ready to meet them?”

“...I suppose,” Cresil repeats. “Though I wish my mate wasn’t one of my screaming fans...”

“Hey, at least you know they already love ya,” Verin throws back, laughing. 

“You’re on in five!” their manager, Yuri, calls from a few feet away.

“Let’s get this over with...” Cresil mutters, a sigh slipping from his lips.


When Beherit gets on stage, screams and hollers echo throughout the stadium. But Ivo would bet money no one screams as loud and long as himself and Reisz.

They play all of his favorite songs - Heartbreak Avenue, Bitch I’m Famous, Demons in Crowns, I’m The One, and lastly, Skin on Skin. Once the final song finishes, the announcer says all those who have VIP to meet backstage, and Ivo and Reisz run towards the area with matching grins on their faces. Finally they’ll meet their idols.

Despite running there in five minutes, they’re the last one in lines. Suffering sighs leave their lips at it, but they remain positive - it means they’ll (hopefully) be able to spend more time with Cresil and Verin.

It takes roughly an hour, but their time comes, and Beherit’s manager grins at them. “You can spend at least ten minutes with them,” he says, opening the curtain. 

Ivo’s eyes widen when he gazes upon Cresil. He’s so fucking hot, even more in person, if that’s even possible. But to his surprise, Cresil’s head snaps up when he walks in the room, and Verin’s does as well when Reisz walks in. 

The air crackles with something, something Ivo can’t quite place. But Cresil looks at him with wide eyes, while Verin gazes upon Reisz with the same expression.

“Um... hi,” Ivo squeaks, mentally smacking himself. He was meeting his idol and he’s squeaking like a five year old!

“Nice to meet ya,” Reisz says with much more confidence than Ivo. “I’m Reisz, and my squeaky friend is Ivo. And Cresil, may I say, Ivo is literally obsessed with you.”

“Is that so,” Cresil murmurs, sounding surprised, but satisfied at the same time. “I hope I live up to your obsession.”

“Oh fuck yes,” Ivo says without preamble. “Although if we’re exposing each other, Reisz is obsessed with Verin.”

“Who isn’t obsessed with me?” Verin says cockily, a smirk lingering on his lips. “But I’m glad to hear it.”

Reisz makes a confused sound and Ivo can’t help but laugh at his friend. “You played all my favorite songs,” Ivo opts to say, grinning a little. 

“Oh? I’m pleased we did,” Cresil murmurs, getting up from his spot on a chair. He walks towards Ivo, making the boy back up until his back is level with the wall. Cresil’s fingers grip his chin and he leans in Ivo’s personal space. “And I have to say you’re just my type.”

Now it’s Ivo’s turn to squeak, a dark blush smearing across his cheeks. What? “I, um, thank you?”

“Lucky me,” Cresil whispers, leaning closer. Ivo shudders when his hot tongue darts out to lick his ear, and the blush on his cheeks darkens even further. “Fate smiled down on me.”

“W-What are you talking about?” Ivo squeaks, biting hard on his lip. He can feel himself getting aroused and tries to will it away. He flicks his gaze over to Reisz, where he’s getting pretty much the same treatment from Verin, except Verin is much more forward with his advances.

“I can’t tell you right now, but I’d like to. In fact, I’d love to.” Cresil runs a finger across Ivo’s plump lips, leaning away to smirk at the smaller male. “Would you like to go on a date and get to know each other?”

“...A date?!” Ivo exclaims, blushing heavier, if that was even possible. Was this a dream? His idol was asking him on a date! Cresil still wears the same smile, and Ivo chews on his lips more. “I don’t understand what’s going on... but I would love to.”

“Perfect,” Cresil murmurs, grazing his fingers across Ivo’s face. “Can we exchange numbers?”

“Oh! Of course,” Ivo mumbles, grabbing his phone from his pocket. When he unlocks it, a picture of Cresil rests there, and said man notices it, the smile widening on his features. “Um.”

“I’m flattered,” Cresil reassures, placing a kiss against Ivo’s cheek. 

“Oh, um, I’m glad...”

Cresil takes out his own phone, the latest model of iPhone, making Ivo chortle. He never pictured Cresil as an iPhone person, but it makes sense. His phone looks inferior, a Samsung Galaxy S8. Cresil tells him his number and Ivo programs it in his phone - he puts in it as Dream Guy but he doesn’t tell Cresil that - then gives Cresil his, still unable to comprehend this is happening.

“I’d hate to wait to get to know you,” Cresil whispers in Ivo’s ear once that’s done, making Ivo jump. “Shall we go on our date now?”

“W-Wha?” Ivo squeaks - again - unsure if his face can go any redder but if it can, it’s definitely happening now. “Are you sure?”

“I’m positive,” Cresil says lowly, doing all kinds of things to Ivo’s lower regions and mind. “Verin, do you mind if I take Ivo out?”

“Go right ahead,” Verin replies, Reisz glued to his side, and Ivo feels a weird satisfaction at seeing his normally cocky best friend blushing like mad and chewing the inside of his cheek. “I want to get to know my kitten as well.”

“K-Kitten?!” Reisz exclaims, blushing harder. Verin laughs and pulls him even closer, if that was possible, and smirks. 

“See ya, bro~” Verin calls, dragging Reisz out of the room.

“...He’s the same as always,” Cresil mutters with a roll of his eyes. He turns towards Ivo, smiling at the latter. “Shall we go to my abode?”

“I’m allowed to go to your house?!” 

“Of course,” Cresil says, amusement twinkling in his eyes. 

“I’m dying, this isn’t real,” Ivo mumbles. “Goodbye Mom, goodbye Dad, goodbye Reisz. I love you guys.”

Cresil actually laughs at Ivo’s monologue. “I assure you this is very real,” he says, taking Ivo’s hand and leading him out of the stadium. A limo awaits outside and a rather muffled looking man stands outside it.

“What took you so long?” 

Uris,” Cresil replies, and Ivo blinks. He didn’t know Cresil knew another language. 

The man’s eyes widen and his muffled expression changes to warmth. “I’m glad. Where are we going?”

“My home.”

“Of course, go right in.”

Cresil nods, taking Ivo’s hand and leading him in the limo. Ivo’s eyes are wide the whole time, even as he gets in. “I’ve never been in a limo before!”

“You’ll be in one far more frequently if I have anything to say about it,” Cresil replies, pulling Ivo against his side, making him squeak yet again. “Tell me about yourself. I feel you know much about me but I know nothing of you.” 

“Oh, I, uh, I’m really not that interesting...”

“Tell me anyway.”

“I graduated from a local university for coding and computers,” Ivo starts, blushing a little. “Some of my code is on the government’s website.”

“That’s impressive,” Cresil says with a smile. “Do you do it as a living?”

“Yeah, although I had to work a lot of shitty jobs before I got a permanent one in one I went to school for,” Ivo mutters, laughing. “Getting a permanent job in computers is a lot harder than you think. I had to go back to school to learn the newest lingo.”

“You seem dedicated to your field,” Cresil comments, pulling Ivo closer. “I find that admirable.”

“T-Thank you?” Ivo squeaks, blushing heavier. “I make a good amount of money from coding people websites on the side.”


“Yeah. I tend to get a lo of people who come to me and are like, ‘I have no idea how to do this, can you? I’ll pay a hundred.’”

“Is $100 standard for it?”

“Sometimes I get more, depending on the complexity of the website. But yeah, I tend to get around $100.”


“As much as I look like a badass, I’m actually a nerd,” Ivo mumbles, lip curling to a grin. “I love anime and all that shit too.”

“I used to watch anime before... I haven’t in many years.”

“I always keep in touch with the latest BL. I find all the straight anime boring as hell.”

“I see.” Cresil pats Ivo’s head. “All this is adorable.”

“...Adorable? A goth nerd is adorable?” Ivo blinks, flabbergasted. He thought the minute he told Cresil he was a nerd, things would go to hell. But Cresil still wears that stupid sexy smile and Ivo feels llike he’s going to melt in a puddle at his feet. He still can’t believe all this is happening.

“Nothing you could tell me about yourself would dampen what I’m feeling towards you,” Cresil whispers in Ivo’s ear, making him jolt. “And I’ll tell you why once we get to my home.”

Ivo blinks. He knew there was some kind of reason behind this, and the air crackles with anticipation. He can’t wait to learn more about the object of his obsession and desires. 

“We’re here, master,” the limo driver says about ten minutes later. Cresil nods, taking Ivo’s hand and leading him out of the vehicle. 

When Ivo gets out and gazes upon Cresil’s literal mansion, he’s pretty sure he looks like a fish out of water. “Holy shit! This is your house?”

“Yes. Do you like it?”

“Do I like it? I love it! It’s fucking huge.”

Cresil makes a pleased sound as he takes Ivo’s hand again and leads him in the front door. A few maids and butlers greet the pair, yet once Cresil utters that strange word - Uris - they break out in big smiles and congratulate him before leaving them alone.

“What does that word mean?” Ivo questions once Cresil takes him in a room and locks the door behind him.

“What word?”


“Ahh...” Cresil leads Ivo to sit on the bed and tucks him under his chin. Ivo lets out a happy noise and curls closer to Cresil, something that seems to please him if the little sound of contentment is anything to go by. “It means ‘mate’.”

“...Mate?” Ivo tips his head. “Why would you be saying ‘mate’?”

“Because I’m not human.”


Ivo watches as Cresil’s glamor is chipped away before his eyes. His ears become pointed, teeth extend to fangs, and nails extend to claws. Ivo balks. What... what is he?

“I’m what your kind call ‘demon’,” Cresil whispers, pulling Ivo closer like he’s afraid he’ll vanish. 

“Demon...? They’re real?” Ivo questions, eyebrows arched. He was sure nothing Cresil could tell him would lessen his affections towards him, and this is proving that. “So something to do with your demon nature made you do all this?”

“Partly. But even if I was mortal like you, you hit every bit of the kind of person I’m attracted to, so I would have asked you on a date anyway.”

“S-Seriously?” Ivo squeaks - he bets he’s squeaked more in these last two hours than he has in his entire life. “Even after I told you I’m a nerd?”

“Even then.”

Ivo lets out a sigh, listening to the steady thump of Cresil’s heart under his ear. He definitely wasn’t expecting his night to end up like this. “What happens now?”


“I mean... I’m your mate, right? Is there some kind of thing your kind do to them?”

“We do mark them as ours, but do you want to do so? We just met.”

“Cresil,” Ivo turns in his embrace, straddling the taller male. “I’ve been obsessed and in love with you for literal years.”

“...Is that so?” Cresil’s cheeks turn pink. “So you would not mind being mine until the end of time?”

“Do I have to repeat the in love with you for literal years part?”

“Heh.” Cresil lowers his face until his fangs are level with Ivo’s neck. He licks a path on the soft flesh, making Ivo shudder. “You may regret this, but I’m afraid once it happens, there’s no going back.”

“Do it,” Ivo whispers, wrapping his arms around Cresil’s neck. “I trust you.”

“Humans...” Cresil whispers back, sinking his fangs within the flesh of Ivo’s neck. Ivo immediately feels hot, hot, hot, and gives a full body shudder as Cresil does whatever he’s doing. After a few minutes, Cresil pulls away, licking Ivo’s blood off his lips. “Well?”

“A-Am I supposed to be so hot?” Ivo murmurs, shivers racking through his frame. “And why am I shaking so much?”

“The bond is solidifying itself,” Cresil replies, pulling Ivo closer and pulling a blanket over them. “You’ll need to sleep it off.”

“...Now that you mention it... I’m suddenly really tired...”

Cresil bestows a kiss to Ivo’s hair. “Go to sleep, my love. I’ll be here when you wake up.”

Ivo nods, eyes slipping shut as darkness claims him.


When Ivo awakens god knows how much longer, Cresil is still holding him, his head resting against his as soft breathing leaves him, telling Ivo he’s asleep. A smile curls his lip as he fishes his phone out of his pocket, wondering if he has any texts from Reisz. A grin breaks out on his face as he realizes he does have texts from his best friend. Ensuring he won’t wake up Cresil, he skims through them.

“Dude, Verin and Cresil are demons! Demons! Can you believe it?!”

“Holy shit, I just had the best sex in my entire life. Verin knows what to do with his mouth like god damn.”

“So... I guess I’m Verin’s mate now?? I can’t believe a VIP experience led to this. How lucky are we, man?”

Ivo can’t help but snicker after finishing the texts, and sends a few quick ones to Reisz, curls against Cresil further and lets out a content sigh.

This is the start of a new life... a life Ivo isn’t sure he’s prepared for, but willing to try and figure out.

A little AU with my characters Cresil and Ivo. I had a lot of fun with this. I hope you all enjoy it as well!

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