Heart to Heart

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“You were such a good boy for me, Hawkes,” Link purrs, massaging Hawkes’ wrists. Rope burns linger on freckled skin, but Hawkes bares every mark Link gives him with pride. 


The barest hints of pain trickle through Hawkes’ nerves. They had a particularly rough night of lovemaking. Hawkes would never complain – he loves when Link’s animalistic side comes to the forefront and absolutely dominates the catboy, heart, soul, and body.


His throat is a bit scratchy and dry, but that’s because Link took the utmost care when choking him. After the incident where Hawkes’ love was possessed and almost choked him to death, Link treats the orange haired man’s throat with tenderness and ensures he never did so too hard.


“My lovely boy, have some water,” Link coos, passing Hawkes their usual canteen by their bed. Link is always so attentive to Hawkes’ needs – he knows what the catboy needs even before he does. Purring at his beloved, Hawkes pops the cap of the canteen and gulps down water a bit too fast.


It burns his throat and makes him cough. Link tsks, playing with one of Hawkes’ ears. “Don’t drink so fast. Small sips, baby.”


Hawkes preens. He loves when Link gets like this – soft, gentle, affectionate, affable. He’s their little gremlin and doesn’t show his soft side to anyone else by Hawkes and their partners, but Link is especially so after overpowering Hawkes’ body and mind.


“T-Thank you,” Hawkes whispers as he takes smaller sips of the water. It goes down a bit easier this time and a soft smile curls his lips. However, it quirks downwards to a frown as Hawkes remembers the situation before they ended up in bed.


Link had been rather upset throughout the day – neither Hawkes or their lovers could figure out what was bothering their shining star. Then Link had given them all a look before dragging Hawkes into their bedroom, where he worshiped Hawkes’ body yet took complete control at the same time.


It was strange, and Hawkes isn’t going to let it go.


“What was bothering you?” 


Link’s eyes flicker away, and Hawkes puts a hand on his face, bringing him back. His love’s eyes are glossy with tears, and Hawkes lets out a breath, pulling Link close to his form. Silence reigns between them for a while, though neither is sure how many minutes pass in the deafening quiet.


After what seems like hours, Link whispers, “It’s the anniversary of my possession.”


“Oh, sweetheart,” Hawkes murmurs. It was a traumatic time none of them want to remember, but Link always lives it over and over again. Hawkes and the others try their best to calm their precious one’s mind when it goes into turmoil, but there are moments Link locks himself in their bedroom and refuses to let anyone enter.


“You’ve all forgotten about it. It’s stupid that I can’t,” Link mutters, anger in his voice. “Why can’t I forget like you guys?”


“We haven’t, my heart. We live with it every day, just like you. We don’t want to worry you, so we talk to each other about how much it hurt us that we couldn’t help you in your most desperate hour,” Hawkes reassures, resting his forehead against Link’s. He closes his eyes. “But I can see now that wasn’t what we should have done.”


“I almost killed you. I could have killed you,” Link breathes out, the anger replaced with despair. “That’s why I needed you. I needed to feel you were alive, here, with me.”


Hawkes leans forward to press his lips against Link’s. Link’s tears drip on their cheeks as he kisses Hawkes with every bit of fear and love he feels for the freckled man. Hawkes returns it with earnestness, hoping to show Link that he’s here, in flesh and blood, alive with him and their loves.


Once they pull away, Link curls against Hawkes’ chest, clinging to him in desperation. Hawkes whispers words of love and reassurance to his beloved, trying to do everything he can to reassure Link that everything’s okay, both of them are alive and here. 


After an hour – which felt like an eternity more – Link looks up into Hawkes’ green eyes, a little smile lingering on his features.


“I hate to ask, but…”


“Ask anything, my dove.”


“Can we go again? I was upset when I took you the first time. I want to feel you now that the weight has been lifted,” Link asks, cheeks flushed, the smile turning sultry.


“You never have to ask that, Link. You can take me as much as you need to. My body, my heart, my soul, are yours forever,” Hawkes answers, placing his lips against Link’s forehead in a show of affection. “Take me.”


Link laughs, pushing Hawkes against the bed. He kisses the marks from their first round and stares into Hawkes’ eyes. Hawkes can’t help but smile at his little gremlin at the love and adoration in those beautiful brown depths. 


He loves when Link’s eyes look like that. It’s a stark contrast to what they looked like when they first made love. It shows Hawkes that the five of them need to have a serious chat once he and Link are finished here.


Link captures Hawkes’ lips in a domestic kiss, smiling into it.


“Thank you,” he whispers against them, pulling back and taking out their favorite toy, the spider gag. “Now let me show you how much I appreciate you and your soul.”


Link fits Hawkes with the gag, and the rest of the night is lost in the pleasure and bliss of the body and soul.

Another commission for Link! This was a joy to write -- his sona and Hawkes are one of my favorite pairings of his to craft stories around. c: Thanks so much for your constant support~

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