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Working at Daniel’s Repair Shop gives one Eirwen plenty of freedom. He comes to work, fixes things - or tries, sometimes he makes it worse and his coworkers have to fix his mess - and leaves. No one knows what he really is and he prefers to keep at such. After all, dragons and humans had history, history that expanded well beyond Eirwen’s years. 

He knows not to trust them. Humans thought of dragons as nothing more than trophies, things to be hunted. Their horns especially fetched a pretty penny on the black market due to their healing capabilities and other nifty effects they had. There were many types of dragons and each type had a different quality to their horns.

Eirwen’s type, a hybrid between water and ice, would be especially profitable. Hybrids were even more valuable than those of pure blood, something Eirwen found strange, but never questioned it. But his horns could be cracked open and their essence could be used to do one of two things - heal injuries that would spell death for your average man or reattach limbs.

So yes, quite profitable if the wrong person found out about his true lineage. Eirwen glamors himself so he appears every bit mortal to his fellow humans, but this becomes rather draining after doing so for multiple days. Sometimes he has to take days off on the grounds of being ill, but doesn’t do so as much as he’d like to not appear suspicious to his boss and coworkers.

Yet there’s one human at his work who captured Eirwen’s attention the moment he gazed upon his countenance. Jason was his name and he often fixed everything Eirwen tried to and failed. He often grumbled about how someone so ‘incomptent’ could work at fixing things when he always broke them and gave Eirwen sideways glances of irritation whenever they were in the same room.

Eirwen knew his chances to even befriend Jason were as likely as humans and dragons getting along, and that was pretty much impossible. So he simply watched him as he tinkered around the repair shop. He wasn’t impressed easily, but the fact Jason could fix anything he got his hands on was quite the feat.

Loathe as he is to admit it, Eirwen realizes he notices Jason more than coworkers or even friends do. And the thought makes his stomach curl. Dragons could never be with humans; it was an unwritten rule in draconic cultures. To be fair, Eirwen hadn’t associated with his kind for over a decade, but he still felt he had to abide by their rules.

It was hopeless. They could never be together. Even if Eirwen was human, the fact Jason looks at him with annoyance and a smidgen of pity isn’t lost on the hybrid. All he can do is watch - watch as Jason fluttered about with their coworkers and know he’ll never look upon him the way Eirwen hoped he would.

Or… so he thinks.


Eirwen walks home after a long day at the shop. There were some items that came in he tried to fix but they were beyond his capabilities, so Jason - as always - fixed them for him while giving him sideways glances of irritation with clenched teeth. Eirwen wishes he was better with human items, but there are some far beyond his knowledge. 

He guesses his boss will only put up with so much more before he fires him. And if he does, he’ll never see Jason again. The thought makes annoyance build in the pit of his gut as he continues the trek to his home, but his sharp hearing picks up on footfalls nearby.

Eirwen tries to appear every bit natural, since he knows mortals wouldn’t be able to pick up on the noises. But something must give him away because a shot fires and lodges itself in his shoulder, making the dragon hiss and clench his eyes. It was a draconic weapon, specifically designed to hunt and kill his kind.

He was definitely given away now.

“Well well boys, look what we have here. A hybrid! They’re so rare these days,” one of the hunters sneer, walking towards Eirwen. The pain from the bullet made his glamor recide and reveal his true nature, making him curse inwardly. Just his luck.

Another man walks towards his partner, lifting Eirwen up by his hair and smirking in his face. “He’s pretty. Why are dragons naturally beautiful? It’s a shame since they’re only useful when they’re dead.” The human shoves Eirwen to the ground and shoves his heel in his back, making him gasp in pain. “The more they suffer, the more their horns are worth. So tough luck, pretty boy.”

Another shot echoes and the bullet lodges itself in his arm, making Eirwen scream in pain. The hunters simply laugh as they torture him, shooting more bullets in his legs and digging their boots in his back and head. Just when his vision swims dangerously, a voice echoes, and more shots burst in the air.

The pressure leaves his back almost instantaneously and Eirwen coughs, crimson droplets spilling from his lips. Whoever saved him kneels in front of him, lifting his face carefully. Eirwen wants to balk when he realizes who saved him.

“J… Jason?” Eirwen gasps, pinching an eye shut. Jason heaves a sigh as he lifts Eirwen carefully before hoisting him in his arms. “A-Ah!”

“I wondered why you sucked with advanced equipment. I guess this explains it,” Jason comments airly as he carries Eirwen. “A dragon, huh? I never thought I’d encounter one with how rare your kind are.”

“You… you aren’t going to finish me off?” Eirwen asks, wincing at the pain in his head and general self. 

“No. Why would I do that?” Jason throws back, stopping in front of a rather nice house. He fumbles for something as he says, “I don’t abandon someone who obviously needs help.”

Seeming to find what he was looking for, Jason unlocks the door and carries Eirwen inside, kicking it shut behind him. He gently sets Eirwen on what he guesses is a rather expensive couch and leaves the room momentarily, only to return with a first aid kit.

“You’ll have to forgive me, I don’t know how to treat wounds caused by draconic weapons,” Jason apologizes as he takes out some basic medical supplies. “And I’m sorry in advance if this hurts like a bitch.”

Eirwen scoffs, wanting to refute with a smart remark, but the words die on his tongue when Jason’s fingers dig themselves in the first wound. He clenches his teeth, refusing to make a sound as Jason pulls out the first bullet, stained red with Eirwen’s blood, but also coated in a light blue substance.

“Huh. You guys bleed red and blue?” the human questions, eyebrow arched curiously. “The more you know.”

“It… depends on the type of dragon,” Eirwen manages to say, teeth still clenched. “I’m a hybrid of water and ice, so blue is a given. Nature types have green, fire orange and… so on.”

“Interesting,” is all Jason says. He continues to dig out the bullets, and Eirwen is ashamed to admit tears leak from his eyes as Jason takes out more and more. But, to his surprise, Jason gently clasps at his hand, uncaring when Eirwen grabs onto it like his life depends on it.

When all the bullets are removed, they disappear in flecks of light, confusing Jason momentarily before he gets back to the task of treating Eirwen. He dabs cotton balls in disinfectant before applying it to the injuries, making the older of the pair hiss. But he lets Jason do whatever mortals do to treat injuries, and when he’s done, Jason tosses the bloodied balls in the trash.

“I guess my couch is ruined,” he remarks offhandedly, and Eirwen immediately feels guilty, which must show on his face because Jason waves his hands dismissively. “It was old as hell. I needed a new one.”

“...I… suppose?” Eirwen mutters, suddenly feeling tired. All this took a toll on his physical and mental state. “I hate to ask--”

“You’re staying here. I ain’t sending you out when you’re barely saying conscious,” Jason decrees, going to the linen closet to take out a blanket and a couple pillows. “Think you can move to the other couch?”

Eirwen blinks wearily, vision blurred. He’s so… tired. Jason huffs as he hefts Eirwen up and plops him on another couch, this one much more comfortable than the other. He props the pillows behind Eirwen’s head and covers him with the blanket. “See you tomorrow.”

“Jason… you won’t… will you?” Eirwen mumbles, sleep heavy in his tone. He can’t even form a comprehensive sentence at this point - he just hopes Jason is picking up what he’s trying to say.

“I won’t rat your dragon status out if that’s what you’re asking,” Jason says with a shrug. “But you gotta learn to get better with human things because those at our work are gettin’ suspicious.”


Before his eyes slip shut, Eirwen swears he sees a smile resting on Jason’s countenance before he falls asleep.


When he comes to, light glimmers through the curtain, signifying it’s rather late in the morning. Eirwen stretches, still feeling pained from his injuries and head, but moves off the couch, making his way to the bathroom.

When he’s done his morning duties, he steps out, seeing something on the kitchen table. He walks towards it, seeing juice, toast, eggs, and bacon sitting there. It’s steaming a little, telling Eirwen it was made not long ago. There’s a note next to it, and he picks it up, heterochromatic eyes skimming the words.


I don’t know what dragons like to eat, so I just made you a basic human breakfast. Hope it’ll do. I’ll tell the boss you’re outta commission for at least a week, so don’t worry about work. 

You’re welcome to stay with me if you want, but you can go home too if you prefer. Totally up to you. 

If you decide to stay, I’ll see you after work. If not, here’s my number, call me if you need anything.


Scribbled at the bottom is Jason’s number, and Eirwen programs it in his phone, even though he already decided he’s going to stay the moment he read that part of the note. Truth be told, now that he’s known as a dragon, he’ll be on their wanted list, and he also knows they tend to avoid dragons who are mingled with humans for… whatever reason.

Eirwen digs in the breakfast, a smile curling his lips at how good it tastes. He never ate human food often, but if it’s this good, he’ll have to make a mission of eating it more often.

When he cleans up after himself, Eirwen goes in the common area, seeing the couch he ruined no longer in the area. He works quick, the hybrid thinks to himself, chuckling. What did he expect, this was Jason he’s talking about. He’s proficient in pretty much everything, including his home life apparently.


Making himself comfortable on his new bed for a while, Eirwen turns on the TV, noticing there’s a few consoles in the stand. The fact Jason’s a gamer is a cute fact, but one Eirwen kind of expected. Shaking his head fondly, he flips through channels until he comes across something somewhat entertaining. Humans and their shows were… rather boring, but he has nothing better to do.


It’s late in the evening before Jason returns, looking disgruntled and covered in grease. He barely acknowledges Eirwen as he walks towards the bathroom, the sounds of a shower going a minute or two later. Eirwen can’t help but laugh a little. He’s honestly too cute for his own good.

When Jason returns, he looks a bit more human, but an annoyed expression rests on his features. Eirwen doesn’t say anything, simply waiting for Jason to open the conversation. 

The mortal plops on the couch, crossing his legs, before deciding to speak. “Boss man was a total asshole today.”


“He was all ‘First Eirwen breaks more than he fixes, now he’s out for a week?! Tell him not to come back.’ Like… fuck off, dude,” Jason mutters, rolling his shoulders. “I get you tend to be Sir Breaks A Lot, but you’ve done a lot of good for the shop too.”

“‘Sir Breaks A Lot’?” Eirwen focuses on, narrowing his eyes. “Is that what they call me behind my back?”

“Yep,” Jason replies, smirking a little. “But that’s beside the point. I tried fighting him on it and then he tried to fire me. Me! I do more around that place than most of the idiots who work there and told him as much.”


“Needless to say, once I threw that in his face, he got all puffed up and stomped out, but I kept my job. I’m seriously thinking of going somewhere else,” Jason mutters, rolling his eyes. “He’s a stuck up prude.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice.”

The pair share laughter before Jason looks at Eirwen, eyebrows arched. “How are you feeling though?”

“Like I got run over by fifteen buses,” Eirwen jokes, making Jason laugh again. “But I’ll survive.”

“Good, I don’t want you dying in my house. Die somewhere else.”


They laugh again, and Eirwen never felt this light with anyone in his life, not even his family. It’s almost hard to believe they barely spoke yesterday, and now they’re conversing like old friends. It makes Eirwen fall even harder and faster for the mortal, and he dares to think Jason might feel the same.

He doesn’t want to ruin the comfortable, easy air they’ve acquired, so he decides he won’t say anything for now. Maybe one day.

But not now.


The days pass simply and easily. Jason usually wakes up before Eirwen, surprising him since he’s usually an early riser. But his injuries make it so he gets up later, yet Jason always has breakfast waiting for him when he awakens. It makes his chest swell with deeper love for the dark haired mortal, and Eirwen battles with himself on whether or not he should confess.

There’s a chance Jason doesn’t feel the same, and if he doesn’t, Eirwen doesn’t want to ruin the comfort they’ve acquired within each other. Besides, there’s the lingering thought in his mind dragons are never meant to couple with humans, and it makes him hesitate further. If his people found out he started a relationship with Jason, he would never be able to return.

Would Jason be worth being ostracized?

Yes, Eirwen realizes after thinking about it for a long while. No one in his life ever made him feel like Jason does. Why would he throw away a chance at true love? Dragons, once they fell in love, fell hard and fast, no matter who the other person was. And Eirwen was no exception to that rule.

He decides to breach the topic one evening as Jason sits on a lazyboy chair, leaning back and looking at peace and content. Eirwen licks his lips, opening his mouth, but no words come.

“What’s on your mind?” Jason asks, perfect eyebrows arched. Eirwen hates how even Jason’s freaking eyebrows are perfect. “It’s obvious you’ve wanted to say something for a while. Out with it.”

“What’s your sexuality?” Eirwen blurts out, a blush smearing across his cheeks. 

“Uh… forward much?” Jason blinks and shakes his head. “I thought dragons were supposed to be subtle.”

“Just answer the damn question, you irritating idiot,” Eirwen mutters, flicking his gaze to look at the wall. The paint is starting to chip.

“If I had to think, I’m more into guys, but girls are cute too. I just can’t imagine my long-term future with a chick.”

Eirwen’s eyes widen. That’s a good start. “Do you have feelings for anyone?”

“What’s with all these romantic questions? You’d think you were into me,” Jason says with mirth and humor. But when Eirwen looks away, chewing his lips, he quickly becomes serious. “Shit. You are?”

“What if I said yes?”

Jason rubs the back of his head. “I’d say I was flattered, and you’re a great friend and all, but I don’t like you… that way.” 

Eirwen feels as if he’s been punched in the stomach. “I… I see.”

“I’m sorry. I thought dragons and humans weren’t meant to be together anyway? So this works out for you to find a nice dragon guy… or gal, I don’t judge.”

Eirwen practically deflates as he stands. “I cared about those rules for far too long. Not anymore. I… thought you were it for me.”

“Oh. Damn… I… don’t know what to say,” Jason offers lamely, rubbing his nape. “All I can really say is I’m sorry. Again.”

“No… it’s okay. I’ll move on,” Eirwen says lightly, though tears prick at the corners of his eyes. “I… think I’ll go home. I’ve overstayed my welcome.”

“Nah, you haven’t. But is it safe for you to go back? Won’t those hunter pricks come after you?”

“I don’t care,” Eirwen whispers under his breath, not loud enough for Jason to hear. Louder, he says, “I’ll be fine. They caught me in a moment of weakness. I won’t be weak anymore.”

“Listen…” Jason stands and softly touches Eirwen’s shoulder. “I’m here if you need to come back. That couch has your name on it.”

“Yeah. Thanks.” 

Shoving Jason’s hand off, Eirwen walks out, leaving the one he loves behind him.

He has to move on.

He has to.


When Eirwen walks in his dingy apartment - and it was dingy compared to Jason’s home - he sheds his jacket and plops on the couch, running clawed fingers through his white tresses. Fuck, it hurt. It hurt like hell. He never thought he’d be rejected.

Another difference between mortals and dragons; dragons loved deeply, while humans tended to flutter between partners like nobody’s business. Eirwen should have known it would have come to this.

His phone vibrates in his pocket, but, knowing it was from Jason due to the tone that chimed, ignores it as he goes in his room and flops facedown on his bed.

Dragons took a long time to get over someone they care for since it rarely happened. Dragons tend to mutually fall in love and be together until one half dies, while the other mourns them for decades and never finds another. Eirwen truly feels as if Jason was the one for him… and if that’s the case, he’ll never move on.

“Fuck,” he mutters in his pillow, tears dripping from his eyes.

Why did he have to fall in love with a human?


Days transcend to weeks. Eirwen ignores everything and everyone, only doing the basic necessities to survive. He didn’t even feel like doing that. He truly wished he was strong enough to die. It could happen. Dragons who were rejected often deteriorated until they found love.

But that wouldn’t happen with Eirwen.

The one for him told him he didn’t feel the same.

Eirwen isn’t sure how much time passed before someone came to check on him. And the person who did was the last person he expected.

“Man, you look like you were run over by fifteen buses,” Jason tries to joke, but it falls flat. A sigh tumbles from his lips as he reaches out to Eirwen. “Seriously, you look like death. Are you okay?”

“Am I okay? Am I okay?!” Eirwen finally snaps, turning on Jason and pinning him against the wall. “I meant it when I said you were the one for me! Why the hell did I have to fall in love with you?! Why?!”


“No! You listen to me, you stupid mortal! Dragons fall in love once, and only once! How do you think I felt when the one who was for me told me--”

The rest of his words are silenced when a pair of lips slide against his. Eirwen gasps, eyes widening as he tries to process what’s happening. Jason… Jason is kissing him?”

He doesn’t have time to react as Jason pulls away, a smirk resting on his lips. “I know. I researched.”


“I felt… weird after you left. And I thought okay, it’s because you were there for so long and I got used to having you around. But…”

“...But?” Eirwen wants to hear those words so badly, but doesn’t dare hope.

“It wasn’t because I was used to having you near. It hurt when you left. And that was fucking weird because I try so damn hard to not care about anything because if you don’t care, you don’t get hurt. Yet I care about you. So damn much.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I’m saying,” Jason leans in his personal space. “I realized I loved you. It just took you leaving for me to realize it.”

Those words seem to break the ice lingering around Eirwen’s heart. Tears trickle down his cheeks as he grabs Jason, holding on for dear life as he nuzzles his face against his neck. “I… I wanted to hear those words for so damn long…

“I know. And I’m sorry. I sure say sorry a lot around you,” Jason jokes, shaking his head. “How about I make it up to you?”

That’s all the fuel Eirwen needs to crash their lips together, desperation and love flowing through the kiss. 

Dragons and humans not being able to be together be damned. Never being able to return home be damned. He has Jason.

Jason is all he’ll ever need in this life and every life after.

Trade with one of my best friends, Leah! Eirwen and Jason belong to her. <3 Thank you for always trading with me sweetie, I love the heck outta ya. ;D

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