Let Me In

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Edge loves everything about Ignaris, from his fierce devotion to make things right to even the darkness lingering in his heart. He knows the red haired boy deals with far too much for someone his age - he blamed himself for the deaths of his brother and those close to him.


The brunet tried his best to let Ignaris know he didn’t have to carry those burdens alone. Edge wanted to be there for him the best he can, though he admits it proves difficult because of the tight walls Iggy keeps around his heart. But if Edge is one thing, it’s determined. He didn’t want the one he loves to deal with so much on his own.


He knows Ignaris deals with nightmares from the trauma he’s dealt with. He’s been awakened quite a few times by screams and the boy bolting upright in bed, sweat glimmering on his face as heavy pants heave his chest.


Edge hates seeing him like that - he wants to do anything he can to chase those nightmares away. Yet even still, Iggy keeps a tight guard around his conscious and heart, not daring to let anyone come too close. But Edge swears he’ll do anything he can to find cracks within those walls and show Ignaris the love he deserves.


He knows their connection is far from one sided; when they first met in the Kingdom of Corona, Edge knew Ignaris felt the same connection he did. They became so close in such a short period of time - they became closer even faster than Edge did with Neko and Tyle, and they were his closest friends. 


They started doing everything together, from walking around the Kingdom to sparring when Ignaris’ mind started to grow dark from memories. And it took quite a bit of time before Ignaris told Edge of what transpired many years ago. When Edge heard it, the tone of Iggy’s voice and the horror he imagined the redhead must have gone through made his heart constrict.


Edge isn’t sure when he fell in love with Ignaris… he just did. And it was the most natural thing in the world, at least to him. It felt like the other boy was the part of his heart he didn’t know was missing, and confessed his love to the latter a few months later. While Iggy looked at him with wide eyes and a blush smeared across his cheeks, he too admitted he felt as if Edge was a part of him he didn’t know was missing.


Their relationship started easily, much easier than any relationship Edge ever experienced. And deep down, he knew the same rang true for Ignaris. They were each other’s missing puzzle piece, the one they didn’t know was missing from their hearts and very souls, and when they were together, they felt complete, happy, and truly content.


Despite this, Edge knew darkness lingered in the depths of his beloved’s heart. And even though he wanted to chase it away with the light of his love, Iggy kept that part of himself tightly bound to the point no one could get in, not even the person who mattered most in his life.


Deep down, Edge understood. He knew how his most precious person had fears of summoning his keyblade because of past events, and that fear fueled his inner darkness even further. The brunet, secretly, was scared one day the darkness would overcome Ignaris’ consciousness completely, but was far too scared to admit the words aloud. 


He knew Ignaris had those fears himself.


Their day starts out average. Neko and Tyle had finally gotten together, much to Edge’s pleasure. He thought he’d have to tease them about it for the rest of their lives. But when they approached the pair, hands linked together and twin blushes dusted across their faces, Edge knew without words they took that next step. And, if he was being honest, he couldn’t be happier for them.


Ignaris voiced his own happiness for the newfound lovers, but his gaze flicked off to the side and he stood a little too far away for Edge’s liking. When he tried to reach for the other boy, he darted away, almost like a frightened animal. Thankfully, Neko and Tyle hadn’t seemed to pick up on it, and their visit was normal until they left, leaving Edge and Ignaris to themselves.


“Iggy,” Edge starts, walking towards his love, noticing how he walked back with every forward step. “What’s wrong? You can talk to me.”


“I--” Ignaris worries the skin of his lips, heterochromatic eyes darting to look at anything but Edge. “You should stay away.”


“What?” Edge almost falters at those words. “Why would you say that?”


“It’s obvious…” Ignaris’ eyes glimmer with unshed tears. “I have darkness in my heart. I couldn’t save those closest to me. It’s only a matter of time before I infect your light or something happens I’m unable to save you from.”


“Ignaris,” Edge says seriously, continuing to walk towards him until Ignaris’ back presses against a wall. The brunet places his hands on either side of his precious one’s head, brown boring into pink and blue. “Whatever’s bothering you, spill it. I love you; I can take whatever you throw at me.”


“I’m not sure you can handle this…”


“Try me.”


Ignaris takes a deep breath, leaning forward until his forehead collides with Edge’s chest. He simply stands there, immobile as a stone, and Edge wraps his arms around the smaller boy, tangling his fingers within unruly crimson strands, silently telling him to continue. “I have… dreams… where I’m consumed by darkness and…”




“Kill you…”


Edge blinks. He wasn’t expecting that. But despite his shock, he simply holds onto Ignaris’ even tighter, combing his fingers through his hair by means to soothe him. “Iggy, I can handle myself.”


“I don’t… I don’t want to ever raise my keyblade against you!” 


The shorter boy moves his head to grip at Edge’s shirt and stare into his eyes, tears trickling down his cheeks. “I love you! I don’t want to ever think of harming the only person who gave my life meaning since… since that day…”


Sobs burst from Ignaris’ lips, moving to grasp at Edge so strongly it’s almost like he’s afraid to let go. Edge sighs softy, returning the embrace and clasping onto Iggy just as strong. “You have to let me in.”


“W… What?”


Edge lifts Ignaris’ face until their lips are a hair’s breadth apart. “You have to let me in. You can’t shelter this darkness on your own.”


With those words on his lips, Edge kisses Iggy. The kiss isn’t one of those ones in sappy romance movies; it’s far more raw than those. Ignaris’ tears dust across Edge’s own face as they kiss, and when Edge pulls away, he runs his fingers softly across Ignaris’ features. 


“Let me in, Iggy.”


Ignaris hiccups, eyes squeezed shut. But when he looks in Edge’s eyes, he sees adoration, trust, and such deep love for him it makes his stomach twist. But he nods, nuzzling his cheek against Edge’s chest.






Since their heart to heart, Edge notices Iggy seems much more happy and complacent, when before he carried himself with an edge of stiffness. And he’s so happy to say Ignaris speaks to him far more about what’s on his mind, and the brunet slowly starts the process of replacing the darkness within his beloved’s heart with the light of his love.


They may have come through many hardships and darkness to get to this point, but Edge couldn’t be happier. He feels he truly has his love completely, without walls around his consciousness and heart.


Now he can truly love Ignaris the way he always wanted to.


It’s a wonderful feeling.

Little trade from Twitter! Edge belongs to kingxxlink on there and Ignaris belongs to their friend. ^^ Tagging as FanFiction because the OCs depicted here are based in the Kingdom Hearts verse. c:

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