My Alpha, My Omega

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Content purrs drip from Phelan’s lips as he curls against Narcisse. He hasn’t been able to stop smiling. Finally, finally, Narcisse is his, the way he always wanted him to be. The mark against his neck proves it. 


Narcisse seems content himself. Phelan wrapped securely in his embrace, the alpha’s entire self and aura screams happy and pleased. Even if it wasn’t blatantly obvious from his body language, Phelan would be able to tell.


Their bodies, emotions, and souls are connected now. This new level of intimacy is sacred, albeit a bit daunting for the newfound pair. But Phelan wouldn’t have it any other way. He still can’t believe, after wanting Narcisse for so long, that he’s finally his. But when his alpha presses a kiss against his unruly ebony locks and tightens his grasp on him, Phelan is quickly grounded to reality.


“Narcisse?” Phelan murmurs, flicking his gaze to look upon the alpha. Narcisse hums, dusting his fingers across Phelan’s back, his silent way of telling him to continue. “I still can’t believe it.”


“Sometimes I cannot either,” Narcisse admits, a tiny smile curling his lips. Phelan always thought his supernatural form was beautiful; all those stars in his hair and pupils turned to them as well made him unique and gorgeous. “I never imagined I would meet my omega the way I did. But…”




“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” A chuckle bursts from Narcisse at his next words. “Well, I wouldn’t want you to get shot trying to protect me. That I would do over. But everything else? It makes you who you are, and I love you for it.”


Phelan’s cheeks darken as he cuddles against Narcisse, chewing on his bottom lip in embarrassment. “You sure know what to say to embarrass the living heck out of me,” the omega complains, hiding his face within the alpha’s bare chest. Narcisse laughs softly as he clasps his omega tighter. “But I wouldn’t have you any other way.”


“Good, because I wouldn’t have you any other way either, omega.”


The dip in Narcisse’s voice at the word ‘omega’ makes a shudder pass through Phelan as he looks up at him. The stars in Narcisse’s eyes seem even brighter with how dark they are with lust and desire. 


Sliding up Narcisse’s body, Phelan chases his lips, tongues mingling together as Narcisse clings to him and dominates the kiss. 


Alpha,” Phelan whispers, lust coloring his voice. 


A possessive growl drips from his alpha as he covers Phelan with his body, making short work of their clothes.


Alpha and omega make love to one another, worshipping each other in ways no one else can. And when they come off their high, they cling to one another, feeling the happiness and love from one another and knowing they never want to be without this again.


Phelan still can’t believe Narcisse belongs to him, just as he belongs to Narcisse. And he knows, deep in his heart, Narcisse feels the same. 


They never want to be without this, without each other, ever again.

Phelan belongs to me; Narcisse belongs to my friend Komore-bi.

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  • Author: Resonant Crimson
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